A building on the exterior is merely a shell. To make it habitable, it must be prepared with refurbishments and structural elements which transform it. This process of preparing a build to make it fit for occupation per its purpose, residential or commercial, is known as ‘fitting out” and the structural elements and refurbishments are what are called the fit outs, which are undertaken by fit out contractors at the leading interior design companies in Delhi.

Fit outs and fitments refer to many different techniques and installations of such features like ceilings, windows, plumbing, ventilation and the like. Conventionally, commercial and residential fit outs differ significantly. For homes and residential spaces in particular, the focus is on making the space warm and functional for the residents. The addition of structural elements which will enhance the visual appeal of the space too are often undertaken as part of the fitout work.

Interior fitout companies in Delhi for luxury homes can completely transform the bare shell of the building or flat to give it a habitable feel and to take that step ahead and create palatial spaces. The type of fit outs included in the design also impact the luxurious design that is intended for the space.

Fitouts for luxury homes can take many forms and the key to creating a space that will truly be comfortable and functional lies in personalization. While there are certain standard fitouts which are undertaken by the contractors, what sets the home apart is the input of the client in matters of the kind of design theme they want, the materials to be used, the colour schemes, the layouts and more.

Customization of fitouts to personalize spaces and give them a new look that blends functionality with aesthetics is ingrained in the services offered by La Sorogeeka. An award winning luxury interior design company, La Sorogeeka is known for its bespoke solutions for every need of their clients.