There is a clear distinction when it comes to doing the interior design job in an African country like Nigeria than, say, in Europe or Asia. Here, in this part of the world, the dominant theme is the Classical royal theme with a focus on elements like solid wooden furniture, large wooden mirror frames, and frames with stucco, the use of natural stones, and patterned fabrics for soft furnishing. Be it colors, theme, decoration, including the placement of things in a place, they all should create an atmosphere of luxury.

With a population of over 200 million people and famous film industry to add to its fame, Nigeria is one of the most vocal countries in Africa when it comes to design trends, which change so very often and so very quickly. However, there is always this inherent African theme that stays and gives the interior design industry in Nigeria its very own distinct flavor. We at La Sorogeeka are abreast of all these subtle and vocal interior design changes while keeping our eye intact on the inherent theme that dominates the interior decoration scene in Nigeria.

When it comes to the current interior design trends in Nigeria, the use of bright and varied colors, refinement of details along with the simplicity of lines, patterns, motifs, and fabric like silk, are some of the elements that get all the attention of the leading interior designers in the country.  That is very apparent too as most of the leading interior designers in the country are pretty much using these elements while also accommodating the specific requirements of their clients when taking up specific interior designing jobs.

So while going ahead with an interior makeover job at your place, it is significant to know what trends are in so that you know what you can expect from the interior makeover job. With a solid presence in Nigeria for many years now, La Sorogeeka knows the current trends, and also what impacts the interior designing scene here in this part of the world to ensure that the interior makeover job is done to perfection, and up to the expectations of their clients.

With its expertise in creating beautiful interiors while using the current trends along with the inherent theme of a particular region, La Sorogeeka is among the most popular interior design and decoration service providers in Nigeria, renowned for its highly opulent and luxurious interior spaces that stand out.