Our interiors designs beckon creativity. With this approach, we give the required emphasis on the very thought process that precedes an interior transformation job. The result of such a process is pretty much visible in our extraordinary interiors, and why we are one of the most reputed interior design companies in Kenya. We are a well-known name in Kenya for our exceptionally brilliant creative inputs that help to make any place look luxurious yet very practical in terms of space utilization and beauty aesthetics.

Using a rich experience in the design and implementation of various facilities, La Sorogeeka Interiors Design and Fit-out Practice in Kenya can provide you with a full range of information – marketing, consulting, design and engineering services required for the project, to provide the necessary assistance from the date of acquisition of real estate and up to the moment of commissioning of the Project.

Interior design companies in Kenya

Our main specialization is in the – development of Luxury Villas and Hotels across Africa. In Kenya, we specialize in the interior design of offices, hotels, palaces and public premises. The qualitatively designed interiors of a country house, apartment or office by LSI are sure to offer you joy, comfort, and also earn the respect that your status deserves.

Projects designed at LA SOROGEEKA INTERIORS AND its associated companies in Kenya evoke emotions! We are obsessed with details and bring to the table world-class engineering and project management systems to ensure we deliver the first-world infrastructure, however with the benefit of Asian cost efficiency. Our specialists are always informed of developments in the world of interiors through our regular visits to interior design exhibitions and production of materials, and furniture and plumbing equipment. We get advice attending master classes directly in factories in Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, and other countries. If you are looking to create a landmark project in Kenya, La Sorogeeka is the perfect partner for you to take a project from Concept to Completion.

How we work

The basic principle of our work is to consider each project is unique and requires an individual approach. We strive not only to realize the ideas of our clients but also to create a unique environment that meets the functional requirements of the customer, his personality, his views and his plans for the future. A successful and original interior design project can be achieved only in close cooperation with the client and by having the ability to translate their ideas on paper first, and then, in reality, second.

One of the most important benefits of LA SOROGEEKA INTERIORS is that as a single stop solution- we consider the implementation of our projects during the design phase itself. Therefore, when performing the design work, we strive to attain maximum information in cooperation with the Nairobi Municipality, Civil Defense and other Local Consultants that are experts in their relevant fields. This is the key to the successful project delivery of our projects in Nairobi, Kenya.