Renowned for transforming interiors by using its expertise and long experience, La Sorogeeka Interiors has established itself as one of the finest interior decorators offering the best in class interior decoration services in Nigeria. Capable of indulging in the creativity of the highest order, our interior design services represent the best of modern designs, which are pretty much in harmony with the design aesthetics of an area yet provide it with a look of its own. Of course, such outcomes are very much appreciated and provide the required impetus to LSI to come up with the best interior design services in Abuja, Nigeria.

In Nigeria, our customers are successful businessmen, politicians, and artists. One of the main Project Domains for La Sorogeeka in Nigeria is for the Design and Execution of Offices of large companies. Recently, we have developed the office design for a large Petroleum company in Interior design Abuja Nigeria.

To satisfy the highest standards Interior design Abuja Nigeria offers:

  • The perfect ergonomics of office space
  • Several options of office plan
  • We select the type of office as per the company’s activity
  • In the choice of colors, we take into account the peculiarities of psychology
  • In complying with the lighting standards of office space
  • We offer the best comfort and ergonomic furniture

Any office space has two main goals: to make the right impression on the customers and to create a comfortable environment ideal for employees to ensure their optimum performance. Developing Interior design in Abuja Nigeria – we take into account the architectural features of the building where the office is located. All rooms’ layouts were based on this development. We considered several options for layout, such as open workspaces, amongst many others.

Interior design Abuja Nigeria from LA SOROGEEKA INTERIORS corresponds to the fashion trends.

Today, the ongoing trend for Office interior design is Modern and Simple, yet one that has a strong character. To obtain this stylistic trend, we harmoniously combine the details of modern forms and classics motifs with minimalism in colors and textures along with high-tech automation.

Another obligatory condition of the interior design office in Abuja Nigeria is to adhere to a corporate brand. Part of the luxury offices and projects is the development of a logo at the request of our valued customers. Interior designers Abuja Nigeria take into account the color palette, which has a positive effect on the performance of each employee. Usually, ideal neutral colors with some bright accents of the interior image make it expressive and aesthetically perfect. The location of windows according to the side of the world also affects a choice of colors. The amount of natural light depends on it. Interior designers of the office also necessarily take into consideration the lighting standards of the country and the color of the lighting. In this part of the project, we consider the possibilities of new technologies and offer our customers the best solutions. The psychological comfort of the whole team depends on the proper lighting, hence for offices, we opt for 3500K lighting which is more suitable for long hours of reading. Interior design Abuja Nigeria from LA SOROGEEKA INTERIORS is a premium service, which also involves the development of customized furniture for private interiors as well as for offices. Comfortable and ergonomic furniture is not only very convenient but also provides for wonderful interior decoration